Once again, Lexus is bringing a great family crossover, with many features and improvements that will keep it on the top of class and it is 2016 Lexus GX.

Exterior and interior changes

2016 Lexus GX is a family car, which has suffered some changes compared to the previous model. The new bodywork has an astonishing design. New GX will be able to compete with all vehicles in its class. It will be, as well as the most new vehicles, made from light weight materials. With the usage of these materials, engineers will improve performances of new model as well as the fuel consumption. New 2016 Lexus GX will come with various unique colors. The star fire pile, platinum, mica, silver, metallic, gray and mercury are just some of new colors. On the front end of new GX is a large base hood, which comes in variety of materials such as aluminum, alloy and resins. On the front end we can also notice the new modern design of the front grille. There are also new headlights. Headlights will be powered with freshest LED technology for better visibility in all conditions and any time. New model will also be equipped with new bigger wheels and new tires. With these innovations, 2016 Lexus GX will be able to conquer all types of surfaces, but to keep maximal comfort inside the cabin. Cabin will be able to accommodate up to seven passengers. Interior will be equipped with an all leather seats and high quality materials. It will be equipped with a lot of technological features as well as the safety features. It is world wide known that Lexus puts a lot of efforts in developing of safety features, especially when we talk about family vehicles.

2016 lexus GX cabin

2016 Lexus GX engine

2016 Lexus GX is strong and powerful vehicle and it will probably come with the same power unit as RX 350. That means that it will be powered with four Chamber turbo charger V8 engine. The engine of this family crossover will be able to produce around 300 horsepower. This is very impressive and it is more than it is expected from one family vehicle. Power will be transmitted to all four wheels.

2016 lexus GX front

Release date and expected price

2016 Lexus GX should appear sometime in the end of 2015 or on the beginning of 2016. The expected price for this beautiful family SUV will be around $52,000.

2016 lexus GX front side

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