We are expecting the brand new 2017 Ford Taurus to be revealed very soon. Actually, this amazing vehicle is expected to get into the showrooms in mid-2017.


When it comes to the sales plan for this model in China, expectations are high. The new 2017 Ford Taurus will get a new platform, and this is one of the most important changes. Although slightly larger, the new 2017 Ford Taurus will be lighter than its predecessors, and this is a great advantage. It is certain that we will notice a modified radiator grille with chrome frame. The bumper which monitors the color of the vehicle’s body will be more massive and effective. Rear end of the new 2017 Ford Taurus will come with new exhaust system which will be consisted of two chrome tubes. Lighting of the new Taurus will be powered with the latest technology. This Vehicle is capable to accommodate five adult passengers and offer them a spacious and comfortable cabin. Comfortable seats will be upholstered with the finest materials. Leather-covered steering wheel is something we haven’t used to see on this car, but this time it will be so. Control panel with 8-inch touchscreen monitor, all the latest applications and 2-zone air conditioning will be some of the things which will offer the new 2017 Ford Taurus.

2017 ford taurus interior


The 2017 Ford Taurus manufacturers have not decided yet which engine is going to be under the hood. It will certainly include a couple of EcoBoost engines. The base one will be a 3.5-liter V6 with 288 horses but it is expected that a brand-new 2.3-liter four-cylinder device will be offered too. Both engines will be coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission. There is a big chance that we will see the new Ford Taurus with a hybrid variant too.

2017 ford taurus side


The brand new 2017 Ford Taurus we can expect on the market in mid-2017. The Sedan will cost from $27.110 for the base model to $40.275 for the upgraded models.

2017 ford taurus rear

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