Toyota 4Runner is a midsize car that belongs to a group of SUV vehicles. This year we’re expecting to see it redesigned and improved as 2017 Toyota 4Runner.


The new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will come with both exterior and interior redesign. The vehicle will be wider and longer than the previous model. Front and rear end of the car will have a unique design. Special attention will attract sophisticated details such as the door handles of chrome and chrome accents on the front cover. Round LED fog lights will be more vertical in the lower part of the bumper, unlike the original. Wheel arches will be slightly increased compared to the previous model. The back part of the vehicle itself is unique and it is completely in the line with the off-road cars. The rear lights will be rectangular and at the top there will be a glass roof spoiler with light signals. The 2017 Toyota 4Runner come with new and different body colors. As for the interior of the 2017 Toyota 4Runner it is expected to have some bigger and more important changes. Interior redesign will refresh the cabin and the vehicle will be equipped with modern technology more than the current models. Interior will remain spacious as before. Steering wheel will have more buttons than before and it will be slightly increased in diameter. Seats will be comfortable and the lateral support will be effective, there will be leather upholstery and wood trimming. Back seats of the new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will comfortably accommodate a person up to 6’2 “tall with easy access to the third row. The multimedia system will be represented by a 7-inch touch screen and six speakers.

2017 toyota 4runner interior


2017 Toyota 4Runner will come with a gasoline 4-liter V6, which develops 270 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. A five-rated automatic transmission will be used with the engine. Through this engine, the new vehicle will have a maximum load bearing capacity of 2273 kg (5000 lbs.). The new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will offer city mileage of 20 mpg and highway mileage of 17 mpg.

2017 toyota 4runner front


The assumption is that this model will be able to see the market in the second half of the current year. As for the price of the 2017 Toyota 4Runner, it’s going to be somewhere between $38,000-$45,000.

2017 toyota 4runner side

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