2018 Mercedes CLS -Review,Specs,Release Date

2018 Mercedes CLS is a vehicle definitely worth waiting for. It is going to feature the latest set of assistive functions and an attractive design.



Everything about the new 2018 Mercedes CLS is being kept secret. This includes the changes to the exterior of the vehicle as well. We are probably going to see a full redesign of the face of the vehicle. This means a larger grille and redesigned bumpers that will add to the elegant look of the vehicle. The headlights are going to be equipped with the Digital Light LED technology. This technology consists of multitude of miniature mirrors that reflect the light and create a high-strength beam. They might even change the exhaust tips, and redesign the fenders as well. The wheelbase will remain at the 113.2-inches mark. Modular Rear Architecture will underpin the new model. This lightweight platform will increase the fuel efficiency of the 2018 CLS.

2018 Mercedes CLS Front



Expect to see the cabin of the new Mercedes outfitted with the latest automotive technologies. We are also probably going to see a lot of brand new features developed by Mercedes and tested on the current model of the S-Class flagship. The interior is going to be redesigned in order to make it look even more elegant and stylish. The comfortable seats are going to be covered in finest leather. The amount of room inside the new Mercedes CLS is basically going to remain the same, considering the fact that the size of the vehicle won’t change. The same goes for the Modular Rear Architecture. Bluetooth and USB connectivity, satellite radio, navigation system and plenty of other gadgets are a standard today, so expect to see those as well.

2018 Mercedes CLS Interior



Mercedes has developed some interesting engines recently, and we believe that it’s safe to say some of those engine will find a way to the new Mercedes CLS. The most interesting option is the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that can output more than 600 horsepower. Another option is the inline-6 engine that could replace the previous choice of V6 engines, and it can output 300 horsepower. It will only be available with the rear-wheel drive. Based on the trim level, you are either going to see a 7-speed automatic transmission, or the 9-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Mercedes CLS Engine



The new Mercedes is going to have a range of interesting features that increase the safety rating. Some of these feature are Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive High beam Assist, Brake Assist system, Junction Assist system, Active Parking Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Traffic Sign Assist, Wrong-Way driving system, PRE-SAFE Break and many others.




We expect to see the latest CLS model arrive at the market in the last quarter of 2017, maybe even as early as 2018. The price for the base trim will be roughly around $70.000, while some of the more expensive trims could possibly reach $100.000. The additional trim levels include Sport, AMG and AMG S.

2018 Mercedes CLS Side

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